Better Engagement
With The People Who Own Your Products

Know who your customers are.

Know what they bought.

Help them get the most from their products.

The Opportunity

  • Manufacturers spend too much on acquiring new customers
  • It costs more to market to new customers than to current ones
  • Current owners don’t learn about accessories, upgrades, replacements, or related services
  • You don’t leverage your owners’ experiences for your next-gen products
  • Your CSRs spend more time identifying your customers’ products than solving their problems.

The Problem

  • Identifying owners has been nearly impossible
  • Nobody fills out registration cards
  • Retailers won’t share customer info
  • Plenty of products aren’t connected to the internet
  • Customers don’t really know what product they’ve bought.

The Solution – Snap4that

We Can Also Help With Recalls

Product recalls, especially where customer safety may be concerned, are an especially critical time to know who your customers are.

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Makes owning stuff a snap


Tap twice. Product and contact details post to a secure manufacturer portal.


Track warranties, view manuals & how-to videos, find parts & accessories, and get support.


Product owners pay nothing. Manufacturers enjoy a pay-for-performance fee structure.