Can You Clear 4 Minutes From Your Schedule?

Can You Clear 4 Minutes From Your Schedule?

What is the most effective mechanism to give someone a feel for the Snap4that app?

  1. Webpages.
  2. Screen shots.
  3. Blog posts.
  4. Emails.

Trick question. It’s none of the above, because nothing is as good as the app, itself, for giving someone a feel for how it works and what it’s like. Fortunately, it only takes a couple of minutes to see that Snap4that is a snap to install, use, and enjoy.

Step 1

[45 seconds] Get the app. Go to to get Snap4that for iOS or Android phones.

Step 2

[45 secinds] Launch Snap4that and use it to scan this code for a mythical product: the “Acme Jetcycle”.
[Either print the code from a desktop PC, or scan it from this phone while you display it on another.]

Just this once, you’ll need to give permission for the app to use your phone’s camera, and to enter some basic contact info so that we can keep your stuff separate from everyone else’s. [The app’s privacy policy is boring, but harmless.] So this first scan will take a few seconds, but subsequent ones will happen almost instantly.



Step 3

[90+ seconds] Learn how the app really shines.

From the My Stuff tab, you can tap on any of the products from Snap4that partners that you’ve scanned to access product-specific info, such as warranty-expiration dates, support contact info, product manuals, how-to videos, compatible accessories, upgrades, promotions, surveys, and more. Manufacturers are free to tailor the user experience to suit their product.

Install. Use. Enjoy.

[Elapsed time: 3-4 minutes.]

Manufacturers, if you can spare 4 minutes (seriously, if?) then you can begin to imagine how Snap4that can enhance the ownership experience and help you engage with the people who own your products. Contact us to learn more.