Connected Benefits for Unconnected Products

Connected Benefits for Unconnected Products

Internet-connected products are particularly well positioned to satisfy and delight their owners, since their built-in connection provides access to updates, help, and more. Someday, maybe a connected toaster, mop, or juicer will make sense. But, until then, plenty of appliances, sporting goods, lawn and garden, consumer-electronics products, and more will remain unconnected. What would it mean to offer connected benefits to those unconnected products?

A brief word from our sponsor, Snap4that
This blog post illustrates several ways that Snap4that can help owners get the most out of their unconnected products. Manufacturers can learn more about it on the RacerX site, but here’s a quick overview of the initial two-minute encounter from the customer’s perspective:

  1. Unbox a new product made by one of our partners to find the Snap4that card
  2. Get the free Snap4that app and use it to scan the code on the Snap4that card (“It’s a Snap!”)
  3. The manufacturer activates your warranty, and the app maintains a record of what you bought, with product-specific links & info.

So what does Snap4that bring to an unconnected product? With the Snap4that app, owners can see their warranty status, find ways to contact customer service, access product manuals, and get additional links customized to their specific product. Here are just a few examples.

The “clean me” light just came on – now what?
Hardly anyone ever reads the manual. We often put it somewhere safe, only to see it again when we cover it up with the manual for the next new thing we get. Snap4that gives you the right manual, right on your phone, whenever you need it, so you can look up what “clean me” means, and learn what you’re supposed to do. Cost-conscious manufacturers might elect to trade the physical manual for one supplied through Snap4that.

Can’t you just show me? And don’t make me wade through a list of model numbers.
Maybe the cleaning process is a bit of a procedure – not really suited to a few paragraphs and pictures. Plenty of manufacturers post how-to videos, either on their websites or YouTube, to demonstrate simple procedures. Unfortunately, customers have to navigate through drop-down menus, type in obscure model numbers, or watch a bunch of videos until they find one that matches their product. Because the manufacturer decides what the Snap4that app presents, the customer can get the exact link to the correct how-to video. From the universe of zillions of products, Snap4that shows you relevant information for only the ones you own.

I’m at the store, ready to buy a new filter, but they have too many to choose from.
The store that carries dozens of filters (or bulbs, valves, belts, etc.) doesn’t know what you own, and there’s a good chance you don’t, either. But Snap4that does. Better yet, the manufacturer can provide a link to compatible parts so you can know exactly what to buy, and be assured it will work with your product.

I’ve loved this product. Can I upgrade to something even better?
At its core, Snap4that is about strengthening relationships between manufacturers and their customers. And when your existing customers are engaged with you, marketing to them is demonstrably more efficient that marketing to strangers. Through Snap4that, manufacturers can provide links to Accessories, Upgrades, What’s New, On Sale!, or any promotion that makes sense. Or reach out by email to actual owners to thank them and recommend something new.

Whether it’s to learn who just bought your products, to connect with them, to improve their ownership experience, increase their satisfaction, or to help them become repeat buyers, Snap4that is ready to help. Contact us to learn more.