The Five Most Common Questions About Snap4That

The Five Most Common Questions About Snap4That

Snap4that is a simple and useful app that replaces printed literature and puts multimedia information at the customer’s fingertips – while simultaneously capturing their contact information. When we meet with brands, they immediately see the value of being able to directly contact their loyal customers, as well as the benefits and cost savings of digitizing product-information delivery.

Since this capability is entirely new to the market, it is no surprise that brands have a lot of questions about it. Here are some of the most common questions we’re often asked:

What types of products are the app most suited to and why?  As a general rule, if a brand has invested in generating significant content for a product, such as manuals, accessory pages, how-to-videos, FAQs etc., then the product is ideal for Snap4that. More specifically, Snap4that is best suited to a product that has any of the following characteristics:

  • It is part of a broader product line, such as appliances, consumer electronics or power tools, or there are accessories available for the product.
  • There are many settings/adjustments that can be made to get the most from the product
  • The product requires some maintenance, such as part replacement, adjustment, or cleaning
  • There is a safety consideration/potential for recall
  • The product has a retail price > $100

How hard is the app to implement?  It’s simple. Our team has worked with companies such as Apple, Bose, KEF, Microsoft and Segway, so we know any new system or solution has to be pain-free to implement. The consumer brand supplies us with product information, such as UPC number, warranty details, privacy policy, customer service contact info, links to the Owner’s Guide and any additional desired URLs. These can be links to parts, accessories, surveys, reviews, how-to-videos etc.  Our team generates an industry-standard barcode. Our onboarding process navigates our customers through the process.

How much time does it take for the consumer?  It takes under 2 minutes the first time through, from the start of download to completion. After setup is complete (entering name, address, contact info), subsequent uses take 1 second from scan to having product info added to the app.

How effective is the use of Snap4that?  Effective, with as many as 60% of target consumers downloading the app and completing the process – we see consumer brands that have less than 5% of end-users registered, so moving brands to the other side of 50% is transformative – to the marketing team, to the brand – and to the end user

Can the product information provided be changed/updated? Yes.  This is one of the huge benefits of the digital approach – changes made to a manual, for example, can be automatically reflected in the app, so the consumer always has the latest and most accurate information.  Brands can change the URLs on a detail page at any time via the Snap4that backend portal. Those changes instantly appear on the consumer’s app as soon as they look at the product detail page. So you could, for example, change a link from “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” to “Dads’ and Grads’ Gifts” as soon as Mother’s Day passes.

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