FOMO on IoT?

Maybe you’re a Marketing Manager at a hardgoods company or a Customer Relations Manager at an outdoors goods company. You might be watching the entire IoT movement with envy, thinking about how much more effective you could be with the type of rich data and customer experience that IoT enables. Aren’t you out of luck if your product doesn’t have Wi-Fi – maybe not even a plug? Well, maybe your luck just changed.

Imagine that you could still provide your customers that same type of IoT-enabled convenience, and direct access to whatever product info you deem most significant – How-To Videos, FAQs, Owner’s Guides, Replacement Parts, Service Info, Contact Details, or Promotions. Imagine improving your customer’s experience by making all that easily available from an app: Snap4that.

Snap4that puts your offline product online. A simple slip sheet that you add to your product’s box directs Snap4that to present the product information you choose. Your customer gets a customized experience, and you get to know exactly who they are and what they bought. It’s a great way to jump-start your CRM efforts. There’s no manual data entry, and it all happens in a snap, typically only a couple of minutes during the unboxing process.

FOMO on IoT? Don’t worry. Let Snap4that connect you with your customers and deliver them a better ownership experience. We’d love to show you an easy, inexpensive way to sell more, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction with Snap4that. Contact us to learn more.