How We Do It

Incorporating Snap4that into your workflow is easier than you might think.

Your Experience

1. Specify what you want the app to show to your customers (e.g., manuals, FAQs, how-to-videos, support info, replacement parts, promos, etc.).

2. Create Snap4that slip-sheets with ID codes and add them into your products.

3. Extract, analyze, and leverage your customers’ data to build better relationships with your customers.

Owner Experience



Customer sees the slip-sheet included with your product and downloads the Snap4that app.



Customer scans the ID code with the Snap4that app and provides their contact information (first time only).



Customer uses the Snap4that app for immediate access to all the information you provide.

It’s A Better Way

Organizations spend countless hours looking for ways to operate more efficiently. Snap4that is a simple and definitive solution to gain efficiency within a process that many organizations find cumbersome and expensive. It is the new model for product information and registration implementation.

Find out how your business can benefit from Snap4that. Contact the RacerX sales team for more information.