Out-of-the-Box Innovation Starts at the Box

Out-of-the-Box Innovation Starts at the Box

Innovation can result in revolutionary products that change the world, or in evolutionary products that improve on features, capabilities, or components. Innovators strive to apply out-of-the-box thinking to find the Next Big Thing, and often overlook making significant improvements to the out-of-box (OOB) experience – an experience most consumer durables manufacturers have neglected for years.

Making products that do something better is great, but the product-ownership experience encompasses more than just what the product does and how well it does it – it also includes getting the product set up, the ease with which you can get it to perform its function, and maintaining the product. Apple is perhaps the benchmark when it comes to “out-of-the-box” thinking. Not only are its products easy to use, the literal ‘OOB’ experience is a memorable treat – as you open the box you’re presented with your new purchase beautifully displayed as if on a pedestal, with a slim quick-start guide on how to begin. Once the product is turned on, it walks you through the remainder of setup. You immediately get the impression that Apple has paid attention to every little detail of the ownership experience, and that you now own something special.

Compare that to the experience when opening a traditional consumer durable product. The customer is confronted with the main product, any accessories/parts like power cords, spare parts, parts needed for assembly, and a pile of paper that includes the owner’s guide and a registration card. Once the product is assembled and in place, it’s up to the owner to either file their owner’s guide or face a google search for an unknown model down the road. As for the registration card? No one fills that out.

It’s time for consumer durable companies to innovate “out of the box” and eliminate the pile of paper that comes with these products. RacerX has developed the Snap4that app that replaces the pile of paper that comes with consumer durables. Customers simply scan an included barcode to get instant access to product specific information including the owner’s guide, how-to-videos, and more, while their contact and purchase information is delivered to the manufacturer. No more filing, no more searching, and no more wondering who bought what.

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