Reduce Customer-Service Costs With Snap4that

Reduce Customer-Service Costs With Snap4that

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.” – Zuzu Bailey, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

For every call, chat, or email that your customer-service team answers, you spend real money. The math is pretty simple: if you can reduce the number of customer-service interactions, or reduce their average length, you’ll save quite a bit. Fortunately, the Snap4that app gives you several ways to help a customer avoid the need to contact customer service and to shorten interactions as well.

Read the manual. There’s a reason why RTFM is the unofficial mantra for customer service, but how many of us don’t even remember where the manual is when we need it later on? Your investment in providing an owner’s manual with your product is wasted if your owners can’t find it. Snap4that maintains a dedicated link for a product’s manual. Your customer doesn’t have to find your site, remember their model number, or search through a list. Tap the link and the latest version of the manual is instantly in hand. If your customer can find their issue addressed in the manual, they won’t have to call you.

There’s a FAQ for that. Maybe you typically build an FAQ after you launch a new product, once you learn the top issues your customers encounter. That’s terrific, if your customers can find it. Again, you can use Snap4that to provide a direct link to that product’s FAQ. Even if you build the FAQ a few months after launch, you can update the Snap4that link instantly, at any time. If the FAQ addresses your customer’s issue, you’ve just saved a call.

“Was that a PX-73 or a BX-73?” If you’ve ever spent time listening to customer-service calls, you know that your customers have no idea what model they own. To be honest, you’d probably prefer that they remember your brand and forget the model. But that poses a time-consuming problem for your front-line support people. They have to play a game of 20 questions just to figure out what model it is, or direct the owner to pick up the product, turn it around, and read tiny type on a poorly-lit product label (“Let me get my glasses”). How much time do your people spend identifying your customers’ products rather than solving your customers’ problems?

The Snap4that app tells your customer exactly what model they’ve bought, right there on their phone, ready to be read off to your agent. Better still, Snap4that can direct support calls to product-specific phone numbers, so the agent can know the product before they even take the call. And your customer can more quickly get to an answer without first having to fight through an automated attendant to “direct the call”. Since Snap4that captures your customers’ cellphone numbers, you can even use that to look up the products of yours that they’ve used the app to scan.

Links tailored to your product. Snap4that provides dedicated links for the product manual, and phone & email contacts for customer service, and additional links for you to customize. You can link to an FAQ, how-to videos, a live chat, or a compatible-accessories or replacement-parts page, to save calls to (and time spent with) customer service. Or your marketing team can link to current promotions or extended-warranty offers, because gaining revenue might be as attractive to your business as reducing costs.

Snap4that is designed to enhance your customers’ ownership experience, to dramatically outperform paper, mobile, and web alternatives, and to help you reduce customer-service and marketing costs. Contact us at to learn how you can quickly deploy Snap4that in a free pilot test.